About ASPIREapp

Time for a change.

Computers already know more about you than you know about yourself. Just imagine a world where technology allows you to find a job that you actually love; or a candidate that you will never want to lose… Works in dating – we make it work in recruitment.

We are currently looking for a lead developer with blockchain expertise to join our team full time. Please get in touch if you would like to join a project where you will have all the freedom in the world to bring your own vision on. 

Using advanced matching algorithm and utilizing the machine learning ASPIREapp connects perfect candidate with ideal company in minutes.

And the candidate remains INCOGNITO throughout the process. THIS IS KEY.

ASPIRE’s platform proactively removes bias from the candidate’s assessment process. Because it is not your gender, age, religion, socio-economic status or sexual orientation that define your capabilities in the workplace. It is your personality, your expertise and your aptitude to the role that makes you a great team member.

And it is a proven fact that diverse and versatile teams increase organisational performance by over 30%! (McKinsey Report)

An advanced combination of scientific assessment and Artificial Intelligence allows us to generate the most relevant matches so everybody is a winner.

Founding Team & Our Advisers

Catching up, from the left: Farhan Lalji, Al Ismaili, Shamir Jiwa & Justyna Nowicka – co-founders of ASPIREapp, Jade Sehbat

ASPIREapp was founded by two long term business partners, Justyna Nowicka and Shamir Jiwa.

Justyna was formerly the CCO of the MAXIMeyes Group and member of the executive team. During her 10+ years of business management career, she was focusing on growth strategies, company operations, key client relationships, team management and recruitment. As a CEO of ASPIREapp, Justyna is driving forward our vision with the most tenacity you will ever see! Justyna on LinkedIn

Shamir is the founder and the CEO of the MAXIMeyes Group with number of awards and business accolades to his and his company’s name, including Entrepreneur of the Year – TWICE, Best Business for Customer Service – TWICE, and double finalists in the most prestigious National Business Awards. Shamir is key in identifying and developing growth strategies within ASPIREapp. Shamir on LinkedIn

We are surrounded by a great team of advisers and partners who have been supporting us almost from day one of our project:

Al Ismaili, founder and CEO of Bamba, Techstars Company, a real-time data gathering platform with the capacity to engage over 1.5B people in the emerging markets. Al has been influential in making new connections for Justyna and Shamir as they entered the start-up world and has been a huge source of technical knowledge and support. Al on LinkedIn

Farhan Lalji, Director Venture Partnership, Anthemis Group; formerly MD of Rokk3r Labs EMEA, Entrepreneur in Residence at Kings College and COO at Peerindex (Sold to Brandwatch in 2014), Dynistics and Raptor Supplies / Tizaro, as well as a former executive at Yahoo! Farhan is our Technical Partner overseeing and coordinating design and development works, whilst growing our network of investors, advisers and early adopters. Farhan on LinkedIn

Jade Sehbat, experienced entrepreneur, founder and CEO of number of successful companies, including Sorted & Let’s Get Weddy. Former Alumni and Mentor at Oxygen Accelerator. Jade delivers hands on support to ASPIREapp on scaling the business globally, identifying investor and partnership opportunities and helps us to navigate through the labyrinths of the start-up world. Jade on LinkedIn

To receive an invitation to the platform, please add your details below. And get ready to be inspired…