New wave of recruitment.

Sorry handwritten covering letter, but I hate you. And so does the industry. The biggest driver in recent years for recruitment was technological advancement. If you’ve been reading my blog every week (and if not, why not?) then you’ll know that I’ve spent a fair bit of time researching and analyzing trends in recruitment and tech. You may have also picked up on my mix … Continue reading New wave of recruitment.

What you must and what you need.

As a founder of a start-up there are certain things you must do, things you need to have: Demand for your product or service. What is it that you can provide, that someone will actually pay for? Competition indicating a market.  Namely, indication of market inefficiency. The best start-ups tend to target a market that has not yet sufficiently met the need or desire for … Continue reading What you must and what you need.

Throw away the rule book.

Should you bother to even start with the rule book in the first place? I recently had the great pleasure of attending Tech Crunch’s London meet up & pitch off during the London 2017 Unbound Festival. A fast paced and eminently engaging experience wherein we witnessed a series of promising start-ups give concise one-minute elevator pitches to a panel of judges.  Listening to the pitches … Continue reading Throw away the rule book.