Recent acquisitions in a big tech world

Last week alone, over $4.35B has been spent on 5 acquisitions

As reported by Crunchbase, over $4.35B was spent last week alone on some of the most sizable acquisitions in the tech world. The biggest one of those, the WebMD, was sold to Internet Brands by a whooping $2.8B yesterday.

Another one, Bambora, founded only in 2015 was acquired by Ingenico Group for €1.5B. Bambora’s mission was to simplify the life of SMEs when it comes to payment solutions online.

Out of the 5 mentioned acquisitions, 3 are connected with the pharmaceutical industry, including NeuroDerm, bought by Mitsubishi Tanable Pharma for $1.1B and Dharmacon, acquired by Horizon Discovery for $85M.

Closing the list is Ultisat, video and data communications platform acquired by SpeedCast for $100M.

Having been listening and reading about those, I was wondering if soon we will not see some sort of currency denomination being introduced into the mix to bring the numbers down to a level that is more comprehendable to a normal human being…

Full list of recent acquisitions is available at Crunchbase.

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